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Walk Your Way Towards a Slimmer Body

Everyone is in a race to achieve a slimmer body. There are many ways to lose weight but walking is the best exercise to maintain your body. Walking is also the simplest way in order to maintain a healthy body. However, it is essential to follow some rules for walking in order to achieve optimum results.

weight loss walking

Effective Walking Rules

  • A regular walking routine to lose weight brings out excellent results.
  • Maintain regular timings for going to walk
  • Setting a target helps in walking for a certain distance and also to obtain the best results
  • Brisk walking is more effective than slow walking
  • Good shoes help in walking for longer time and distance

Walking definitely leads to weight loss but one should also keep an eye on what they eat. Our eating habits lead to what we look like. Over-eating results in obesity and hence we should eat sensibly. The best way to check the eating habits is to eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. These three meals take care of a balanced diet throughout the day

Walking is an effective way of losing weight. It is always better to walk in the open though walking on a treadmill also helps. The best times to walk would be early in the morning just before sunrise. If you set out to walk at this time the sun will rise while you are returning which is beneficial as it helps in absorbing vitamin D. Moreover, the sunlight is not harsh during this time. People who have less time during the morning hours also prefer evening walks. Walking on a treadmill is also beneficial as it records the time taken and calories lost.

Walking is and has always been the best way to lose weight gradually without any side effects. Hence start walking from today and lose the extra fat effectively.

Ways to Loose Weight Quickly!

There are many diet plans, special diets, powders, tablets which claim to help individuals lose weight very quickly. However, they might have adverse effect on your health. Following are some basic steps which can be followed by everyone for a quick weight loss and for a healthy life.

1. Keep track of your calorie intake – The diet plays one of the most important roles in controlling a person’s body weight. The total calorie intake should be enough for one to perform his daily activities. If it exceeds the daily requirement, you start gaining weight. So it depends on how much active a person is, his present body weight and height. So, when you want a quick weight loss, you need to keep watch of your total calorie intake. Calculate your daily calorie requirement from an online calorie calculator or consult your physician. Take note of the calorie count of each and everything that you consume and don’t overeat. This does not mean that you need to start fasting. You need to select the right kind of food.

2. Eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and avoid junk food – The right food basically would mean natural high fiber food. Start your day with some almonds, fruits and a boiled / poached egg. You can also have some dairy products and high fiber cereals. Don’t skip your breakfast. Just before lunch, have a plateful of salads. That would not only give you the required nutrients, but also make sure that you have less during lunch. Have a balanced lunch, with the right amount of calories required. Always avoid junk food and too much sugar. For snacks, have some fruits again. You need to avoid the high calorie pastries and doughnuts at all costs. Again, just before dinner have a plateful of salad. Have a balanced dinner. The items depend on you. Just keep a watch of the calories.


3. Exercise regularly – Along with a low calorie balanced diet, you need to exercise regularly. Even if you don’t have time to visit the gym daily, you can do some basic exercises yourself. Start with a 20 minute walk in the morning. Increase the duration of your walks eventually. Keep a skipping rope with you. Skipping the rope is one of the best exercises. It will really help in a quick weight loss. Skip the rope at least 100 times daily. You can substitute these with other forms of exercises if you wish. Such as aerobics, bicycling, swimming, yoga, etc. The main point is that, you must exercise your body daily if you want to lose weight.

loose weight quickly

Performing these simple steps will help you loose weight. You will start seeing the difference within a week and the added advantage is that you will be healthy!

Thinking About Weight Loss Shakes?

Do you want to lose weight? Your worrying is now coming to an end with the secret of a weight loss shakes. Weight loss shakes also referred to as the “meal replacement” is one of the techniques used to help burn down the stored fat as well as calories hence aid in reducing weight.

Studies have shown that you need to eat less calories than you burn so that you can reduce your weight. Further, it has been noted that weight loss shakes assist on keeping strict control of calories particularly to expectant mothers. There have been more positive comments from those living on weight loss shakes than their counter parties living on structured diets concerning diet planning.

Why consider weight loss shakes?

1. It is nutritionally balanced

2. It is easily prepared

3. It can be taken at least twice daily

4. It is a convenient single meal sachet

5. It has a low GI

6. It can be consumed alongside other meals

7. More effective than laid down weight loss diets

weight loss shakes

The shake can be taken as part of dinner, lunch, supper or even as a dessert. Fruits and vegetables may be used but the approaches differ amongst individuals. The shakes may be integrated with other activities such as regular exercises.

The shakes help one when he does not have time or desire to shop for a balanced diet as well as when one does not want to spend a lot of time thinking on what to take to reduce weight.

Research has indicated that taking breakfast help control weight in the long run. Moreover, through consumption of real food, one is in a position of controlling his or her weight in the long run. You also need to create room for calories to pave way for weight loss.

However, these shakes are not fit for those living on lactose free diet.

Why hesitate to consider weight loss shakes for your health fitness?

Weight Loss Pills – A Quick Look

Are you working hard to reduce your body weight and attain your desired body shape? Are you tired of morning jogs and excessive exercise that do not show results? Then you should try the available weight loss drugs which will go a long way to giving you the desired results. Weight loss pills are meant to be used for a short period of time mostly a few months or weeks.

Most weight loss pills come in the form of appetite suppressants that basically work by deceiving the body into thinking that it is full or that it is not hungry. They work by increasing catecholamine or serotonin levels which are chemicals that affect your appetite and mood therefore decreasing your appetite. These pills are in form of capsules or tablets.


These weight loss pills may not be the solution to everyone. However, if you are under these pills it’s recommended that you will be able to lose 1 to 2 pounds of weight each week. Basically if used for a period of 12 months then you are bound to lose 5 to 10 percent of your weight. For a person weighing 200 pounds he will be able to lose up to 20 pounds in a year in which for a patient this will go a long way into lowering his blood pressure or even help in blood sugar management.


Weight loss pills should be used in severe circumstances when you have failed to manage weight loss therefore facing certain health risks like obese. Pregnant women are not advised to use these weight loss pills as it may lead to fatal harm because they don’t offer any potential benefit in pregnancy. Weight gain is recommended during pregnancy therefore you don’t need to worry yourself. Before any patient decides on using them, they should check that they meet certain requirements like some specified body mass index.


You should be aware of the following concerns while under these weight loss pills.

1. BODY TOLERANCE – After six months of being under these pills your body weight tends to level off hence raising concerns that your body has developed tolerance to the drug.

2. SIDE EFFECTS – These weight loss pills have some mild side effects which improve with time as your body adjusts to them. There is no any fatal or serious side effect that has ever been reported.

Some of the known weight loss pills are Phen375, ALLI (Orlistat), Adipex-P, Belviq, Merida, Qsymia, Suprenza, Xenical, contrave and others.